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Krebstar Products

"KrebStar has done it again!"
-- Dad, "On Golden Pete"

Personal Hygene Products

Krolaids and Krums
These are antacids from our favorite company seen in "Last Laugh".
KrebStar moisty naps
It helps to have a mosty nap when you've gotten yourself dirty as older Pete finds out in "Das Bus". It is also referred to in "Don't Tread on Pete".
Krebgate Toothpaste
This is toothpaste from KrebStar seen in "Last Laugh".
KrebStick is underarm deodorant seen in "Time Tunnel".
Lady KrebStick
As seen in "Last Laugh", this is another underarm deodorant. Do you suppose it's strong enough for man but made for woman?
Krebguard 2000
This is another deodorant (or is it an antiperspirant?) made by KrebStar which can be seen in "Last Laugh".
Kreb of the Loom
This is Wrigley's choice for underwear as seen in "Inspector 34".
KrebStar Shaving Cream
Endless Mike using this product in "Halloweenie".
KrebStar Mentholated Hot Lather Machine
The metholated hot lather machine is used in "Yellow Fever" and in "On Golden Pete".


KrebSol is a pine disinfectant stored behind a factory in "Inspector 34".
This is a cleanser seen in "Last Laugh".

Food Products

KrebStar Topioca Pudding
This appears in "Sickday".
KrebStar Creamed Corn
This appears not only in "Sickday" and "Dance Fever", but also in "Last Laugh" where it is the title character.
Kreb Full o' Nuts Coffee
The head lifeguard in "Splashdown" drinks this coffee from an appropriately labeled mug.
Kreb's Milk
This is milk from KrebStar seen in "Last Laugh".
KrebStar Atomic Hotsauce
Younger Pete uses this hotsauce on Nona's food in "Last Laugh".
Krebbin Donuts
This is the KrebStar place to go if you love dunkin' your donuts.
KrebStar Fish Food
Younger Pete eats KrebStar fish food to motivate himself to catch Bob the Bass in "On Golden Pete".
The box and name would indicate that these are based on Milk Duds, a popular movie food. Miss. Fingerwood uses a KrebDuds box to leave a message for older Pete and Ellen in "X=Why?"
Pit Stain offers Kremints to several people in several third season episodes.
Kreben Up
This was a clear soda and in a two-liter bottle chugged by Endless Mike and his gang in "Yellow Fever". Want to lay bets that it tastes like lemon-lime?
Krebllogs is the name a cereal company which makes Cosmic Rings, a cereal high in riboflavin. Younger Pete eats the cereal in "Time Tunnel" because, of course, riboflavin is the vitamin for time travel.

Heavy-Duty Equipment

The Wrigleys take the Krebrolet on their trip to the Hoover Dam in "King of the Road".
KrebStar Aluminum Siding
Super Villan McFlemp sells KrebStar brand aluminum siding in "Farewell My Little Viking".
KrebStar 850 Leafvac
One of Dad's prized possessions is his KrebStar 850 Leafvac which the Krechmars sell in "35 Hours".
KrebStar Industrial Floorwax
This floorwax is used in "Dance Fever".
KrebBoy is a riding lawnmower which younger Pete drives to Canada on in "Grounded for Life".
KrebStar Hydro-Thruster 2000
The KrebStar Hydro-Thruster 2000 is the life guard's chair in "Splashdown".


ProKreb Sneakers
Older Pete wears these sneakers in "Crisis in the Love Zone".
KrebStar Knight Walkers
Wayne gets a new pair of these in "Saturday".
KrebStar hat
This was spotted in "Sickday" on the head of Mr. Throneberry.


Kreb Zepplin
Left home alone, the brothers Pete play some loud Kreb Zepplin in "35 Hours". It's obviously a jibe at Led Zepplin, but is it making fun of the coporation built around the band?
Kreb Classics
This is the name of the record which plays while the SWAT team comes for younger Pete in "Last Laugh".
KrebStar 3000 Invicerator
Younger Pete uses this guitar in "Hard Day's Pete". While it looks a lot like a Fender Stratocaster with a sticker, I bet it plays a lot better.
Kreb speakers
The speakers which play Kreb Zepplin in "35 Hours" are made by KrebStar.
KrebStar Ant Farm
Artie, the Strongest Man in the World, gives this to younger Pete, suggesting that Pete tunnel his way out in "Grounded for Life".
KrebStar Walkie-Talkie
Younger Pete uses a KrebStar walkie-talkie as a microphone for WART radio in various episodes.
KrebStar instant cammera
Mr. Tastee takes a picture of himself, Pete, Pete, and Ellen with this cammera in "What We Did on Our Summer Vacation". Dad uses it to take a picture of the chicken bones left behind by Inspector 34 in "Inspector 34". Younger Pete uses it in the "Staremaster" short.
KrebStar Slide Projector
This product is used by Principal Schwinger in "Last Laugh".
My Kreb Pony
Nona uses a My Kreb Pony to bring along food on the trip she takes with Monica, Wayne and younger Pete.
Kreb Comics
This one is pretty self explanatory.
Krebtego is a game which looks very similar to Stratego played by younger Pete and his pet lizard Gary in "The Big Quiet".
Why not?
Teddy mentions KrebWorld in "Road Warrior".


Krebstone Memorial Hospital
Perhaps the title is purely honorific, but this is the hospital that younger Pete is taken to after eating too much creamed corn.
To solve an algebra word problem involving trains, Teddy takes a ride on KrebTrack in "X=Why?".
KrebStore 24
KrebStore is a twenty-four hour grocery store where older Pete finds Bill and Teddy in "Time Tunnel".
Krebstore Vending
This is the vending machine branch of KrebStar Industries.
Krebstate Realtors
Younger Pete uses Krebstate Realtors to sell the house in "35 Hours".
KrebEx is used to deliver sombreros to the Wriggleys in "The Trouble with Teddy".


KrebStar textbooks
KrebStar books publishes a math book, seen in "Sickday" and possibly in "X=Why?".
Krey's Anatomy of the Chicken
Dad reads this book in "Inspector 34" before starting up the grill.


KrebStar Amazing Fingers Vibrating Bed
No information.
Team KrebStar
The two Petes wear Team KrebStar numbers on their race around the house in "35 Hours".
Dad's Kreb-L-Lounger is sold to the Krechmars along with the entire house in "35 Hours".
Kreb Toilet Seat
You can spot this in "35 Hours".
KrebStar Hand Dryer
This is seen in "Pinned!".
KrebStar Scale
This is also seen in "Pinned!".
Kreb helmet
The bike helmets that the Petes put on in "35 Hours" have Kreb written on them. Litterally.
KrebStar Wee-wee See
This is used to catch the urinator in "Splashdown".
KrebStar Blood Pressure Gauge
Nona and younger Pete use this in "Crisis in the Love Zone" to see if they're catching Spring Fever.
KrebStar Vegi-blaster 2000
This is seen in "Das Bus".
KrebStar barrel
This was also in "Das Bus".
Operation: Heartpunch Video
KrebStar Industries made the Operation: Heartpunch video for younger Pete in "Crisis in the Love Zone".
KrebStar BassBuster 2000
Dad uses the BassBuster to catch the legendary Bob the Bass in "On Golden Pete".
KrebStar Radar Gun
The KrebStar radar gun is used to catch Dad speeding in "On Golden Pete".
Krebstar 2000
The Krebstar 2000 is a radio that Artie, the Strongest Man in the World, uses to keep himself awake in "The Nightcrawlers" episode.
KrebShack walkman
Older Pete uses a KrebShack walkman tied around a dog's neck to lure his brother away from adult swim in "Splashdown!".
KrebStar typewritter
A secretary uses this product in "Sickday".
Krebstar 9300
The Krebstar 9300 is a flashlight in "Inspector 34" and "Nightcrawlers".
35 hour KrebStar watch
Both Petes wear KrebStar watches which count down the 35 hours they are left home alone in "35 Hours".
Krebstar clock
These show up just about everywhere---whenever they show a closeup of a clock. For example, see "Time Tunnel".
KrebScout Survival Guide
Monica uses this guide in the episode "Sickday" to survive the brain-sucking stretch of school between President's Day and Easter.