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Robert Agnello's Pete & Pete Show

Robert Agnello is the Emmy-award winning musician and composer who wrote some of the music for Pete & Pete. He runs a Blog Talk Radio show named The World According to Robert which airs each Friday night at 11pm EST.

On October 10, 2008, he devoted his show to Pete & Pete. He has a good chat with producers Chris Viscardi and Will McRobb about the show. Highlights:

New Sibling Show

Will McRobb and Chris Viscardi are creating a new show named (at least for now) Interns for The N, after it splits off from Noggin as a separate channel. The show is being called a comedy, and considering the demographic for The N, we might have a true sibling show. Unfortunately, we'll have to wait until August 2008 to see for sure.

This information comes from a news item at TV Squad. Thanks to Aaron Abbott for sending in the link!