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The Website of Pete and Pete

People Who Deserve Thanks

Many people have added and contributed to this Web site. Without this help, the site would not be possible. Here they are, listed in alphabetical order.

Undoubtedly, some people have been left off this list because the person in charge (see below) omitted them. If you feel you've been slighted, send this person email and berate him until you get the credit you deserve.

If anyone here has their own home page, send me a link and I will turn your name into a link. Also, this page used to feature email addresses; they've been removed because all of them were very old and because it's just not a good idea to have email addresses on a webpage (stupid spammers).

This site is maintained by me, Jeremy D. Frens, and I take full responsibility for it. Complain to me. Leave these other people alone.