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The Theme Song

The theme song was done by a band called Polaris which is just basically the lead singer from Miracle Legion, Mark Mulcahy, with some help from Miracles Legion's drummer Spot, Miracle Legion's bassist Dave McCaffery, and Drew Waters.

According to Drew (who got them directly from Mulcahy), the lyrics to the theme song run like this:

"Hey Sandy"

by Mark Mulcahy

Hey smilin strange, you're lookin happily deranged
@##$%^&&*(),.....;';-0&^$#@ [unknown line]
And have you picked your target yet, Hey Sandy ai yai yai yai...
Dont you talk back, Hey Sandy
Four feet away, end of speech its the end of the day
We was only funnin', but guiltily I thought
you had it comin', Hey Sandy,
Don't ya talk back, Hey Sandy

The unknown line will remain missing. It seems that Mark does not want to reveal it, and that's a reqest I plan on keeping. If you're really curious, there are other websites that have the lyrics, or you can turn on the subtitles while watching your Pete & Pete DVDs.

The chords to the song are as follows:

Read the next section for more details about Polaris.

The Bands of Pete & Pete

Many bands have contributed to The Adventures of Pete & Pete. This is a list of many of these bands with some of their albums. To get a complete listing of the albums by a particular band, follow the Web links below or check The Ultimate Band List. The albums which are listed below have been identified as albums which contain music which was used on the show. Each such album has a sentence or two after it to indicate what song was used in what episode.

You will notice that very few identifications have been made so far. I have exhausted my own knowledge of these things, so I'm relying entirely on you to help me. If you recognize any music in the show and it isn't already identified, please let me know.

You have two options for finding these albums: try an online cd store (like Amazon.com) or take the name of the band and album to your neighborhood cd store.

Robert Agnello

The Apples in Stereo


Drop Nineteens

Fat Tulips

Gothic Archies

Tara Key

Lamb to the Slaughter

No available information

Luscious Jackson

Manic Moose

I got this message from a production coordiantor for Manic Moose:

Manic Moose Music is a Manhattan Music studio, formed in 1988. We create songs, sound design and underscoring for both television and commercials with a primary focus on projects directed at kids. Our list of clients encompasses the top ten international advertising agencies as well as major television and cable networks. Current projects include TV series for Sesame Workshop, The Jim Henson Company, and Disney.

Past projects include The Adventures of Pete & Pete, Aliens in the Family, The Wubbulous World of Dr. Seuss, Muppet Time!, four seasons of PBS's ZOOM, Sesame English (a version of Sesame St. broadcast around the world to help teach english as a second language to children), The Kermit Channel, Elmo's Magic Cookbook, and Telling Stories with Tomie DePaola.

For Pete & Pete, we composed songs and underscoring for Episode #16 "The Call", Episode #17 "The Big Quiet", Episode #25 "Yellow Fever", and Episode #26 "Sick Day."

Good luck with everything. We can be reached at (212) 465-8540 or by email at manikmoos@aol.com.

David Hein
Production Coordinator
Manic Moose Music

Magnetic Fields

Miracle Legion

Miracle Legion appeared in "Hard Day's Pete".

Jeff Newman

Jeff Newman is a film composer who has worked on several projects which are listed on his Web site at Total Sound Productions ®. His music was released through DSM Producers in New York, which is the name in the credits.



Poi Dog Pondering



The 6ths

Syd Straw

Syd Straw has also appeared in several epsiodes.

How Do They get these bands?

One of things I find most curious is how the producers of Pete & Pete got the stars and musicians that they did. Brian Gray of RACECAR (email: bgray@go-racecar.com) told me this story about how they were approached to contribute to an episode:

We never met any of the Pete & Pete folks ourselves. Apparently, though, they got in touch with Chin-a Panacione, who ran our (now-defunct) record label. They already had the "Dance Fever" script in hand, and wanted a band to play the dance, with a girl singer to be the "love interest". We made a sporty little video of ourselves playing in a field of flowers with a hand-held camera, and sent it as a try-out. Jina, our singer, has plenty of stage charisma, but I'm guessing that the producers thought the rest of the band looked just a little too old to pretend to be high schoolers. Putting [our] song in the show was sort of a consolation prize, but it has gotten us a lot of good attention.

I now find it quite curious how many shows since Pete & Pete make a big deal about the music played on the show.