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Miscellaneous Information

The Ages of Characters

In "When Petes Collide", older Pete mentions that he is four years older than younger Pete. In "Hard Day's Pete" (a first season episode), older Pete says several times that younger Pete is ten years old, making older Pete fourteen.

In the following season there are at least two comments that re-enforce this: in "Halloweenie", older Pete's classmate is fifteen years old. In "Farewell, My Little Viking" it is mentioned that younger Pete is in the seventh grade which is consistant with him being 11 years old (although most seventh graders are 12 going on 13).

In the third season, older Pete is supposed to learn how to drive, which would make him sixteen in most states. (In New Jersey you must be seventeen.)

It seems that each season covers (in some degree) a year of Wellsville life.

The Hal Hartley Connection

Hal Hartley has made several movies, a couple of which have starred Martin Donovan and Damian Young. Michael Spiller, the cinematographer for The Adventures of Pete & Pete, has also worked for Hal Hartley. Finally, at the end of Amateur, Hartley gives thanks to Toby Huss (a.k.a., Artie, the Strongest Man in the World).

What we can make out of this is up for grabs.

You can learn more about Harley at his Web site.

Twenty-seven Words That You Can Make out of Penelope Ghiruto

Older Pete mentions in "Das Bus" that he could make out twenty-seven out of Penelope Ghiruto. Jason Martens <martens.11@postbox.acs.ohio-state.edu> took the time to come up with his own list:

  1. pure
  2. glee
  3. pop
  4. upright
  5. elope
  6. pete
  7. europe
  8. ripe
  9. pinhole
  10. unit
  11. Glurt (as in Glurt county)
  12. pert
  13. neuter
  14. ignore
  15. triple
  16. nothing
  17. hug
  18. tour
  19. root & route (only counts as one word since they're homophones)
  20. pirogue (a canoe made from a hollowed tree trunk), also pirog (a large russian pastry made of dough stuffed with various combinations of meat fish, eggs, and cabbage)
  21. pirouet
  22. rile
  23. ghee (a semifluid clarified butter used especially in india)
  24. gilt (covered in gold or something similar to gold)
  25. light
  26. other
  27. opulent

New Words to Theme Song

Lisi Segal and her mother <plmmd@gate.net> came up with new words for the theme song:

Hey red and green, I just popped out my ivory spleen
I'm comin down your chimney
But I won't fit cause my belly's too big
I'm Santa Claaaaaaaaaaauauauauauauas
I'm Santa Claaaaaaaaaaauauauauauauas yes it's me
[guitar solo]
Santaa Claaaaaaaaauauauauauauaus I'm real big
Don't ya know I'm Santaa Claaaaaaaauauauauas it's me
Santaa Claaaaaaaaaaaauauauauauauauauas it's in me
Don't ya call me Santaa Claaaaaaaaaaaaaauauauauas?
   yes it's meeeeeeeeeeee!