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The Website of Pete and Pete

About this Website

This site has been put together by me, Jeremy Frens. I currently teach at Calvin College in the Computer Science Department. I first created this Web site around 1995 while I was a student at Indiana University.

Award Winning!

This website won several (unsolicited) awards back when the Web was young and Pete & Pete was still on the air. The websites who gave me these awards seem to all be gone ten years later.


There is a likelyhood of spoilers in these pages. The Adventures of Pete & Pete usually does not have surprise endings, so this should not be a big problem. However, if you like to be surprised and have not seen all of the episodes, you have been warned!

Every attempt has been made to collect the most accurate information possible. Please report any erroneous information that you catch.

This Web site is not officially endorsed by Nickelodeon or Wellsville Productions.