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The Episodes

Early Shorts

The Adventures of Pete & Pete started as short one minute clips shown between shows on Nickelodeon. (These episodes are listed in alphabetical order.)

What Would You Do for a Dollar?

No information.

Artie, the Strongest Man... in the World!

A short show all about our favorite superhero.

The Burping Room

After excessive burping, Dad forces younger Pete to conduct all burping in a specially designed burping room.

The Dot

The bandleader makes Ellen cry, and Pete searches for her when she runs off.

Freeze Tag

The Petes and friends play a game of freeze tag.

Special note: it's a different actor playing Dad!


Hathead is smashing kids' pumpkins and must be stopped.

Mom's Plate

An in-depth look at the metal plate in Mom's head.

Pete's Theory

Younger Pete is convinced that Santa Claus was the first man ever to swim the English Channel.

The Punishment

Younger Pete has finally gone too far.

Revenge of the Petes

Hathead picks on the Petes, and Artie comes to deal with him.

Route 34

Older Pete's summer job is the worst.


Pete & Pete give Dad a glow in the dark frisbee, and they throw a slimy fish around the room.

X-Ray Man

Younger Pete gets super vision after staring into a lunar eclipse.


Ellen focuses mostly on older Pete.

The Launch

Ellen gets ready to launch a rocket to send to the stars.


After a while, Pete & Pete were give a much higher status: specials. Originally, these specials did not have the opening sequence and closing credits familiar to us from the series, but they were re-editted to look more like the series.

Valentine Day's Massacre

Older Pete falls for his math teacher, but a dead squid might spoil the relationship.

Special stars:

What We Did on Our Summer Vacation

Pete & Pete and Ellen scare away Mr. Tastee, the neighborhood ice cream man.

special note: the original (non-series) version of this episode had music done by REM, Baby Flamehead, Poi Dog Pondering, Ministry, Jody Grind, and Shackwacky.

Special stars:

Space, Geeks, and Johnny Unitas

Pete and Ellen work on their science reports and make a new friend.

Special star:

Apocalypse Pete

Dad and Ellen's father feud in The Great Prank War. Younger Pete and Dad get close.

Special star:

New Year's Pete

Younger Pete tries to save the world.

Special star:

Short Pieces

There are two relatively short films featuring Pete & Pete.


Pete & Pete instruct you on the fine art of staring contests.

Artie's Workout

Artie, the Strongest Man in the World, shows us how to exercise each day.

First Season

Finally, The Adventures of Pete & Pete became a weekly series.

Day of the Dot

Ellen dots the "i" in "Squid" for the marching band competition. Becoming the dot may make or break her relationship with older Pete.

Special star:


Younger Pete and a cadre of friends stay up for eleven days straight to set a world record and to break the Adult Conspiracy.

Special star:

King of the Road

Mom, Dad and the Petes make their annual trip to the Hoover Dam. While Pete and Pete play roadkill bingo, Dad proves that he is truly the King of the Road.

Tool and Die

Older Pete tries to get his C in shop class, but ends up working on Mr. Slurm's Special Project.


Older Pete tries to work incognito as a rangeboy at Dad's driving range. Artie, the Strongest Man in the World, renews a friendship with Clark the turtle.

Special star:

When Petes Collide

Pete & Pete fight over Dad's bowling ball, Rolling Thunder.

Special stars:

Don't Tread on Pete

Older Pete forgets a history test on the Revolutionary War while younger Pete fights for his gym class.

Special star:

Hard Days's Pete

Little Pete discovers his favorite song, loses it, and then tries to find it again.

Special stars:

Second Season

Grounded for Life

Younger Pete is grounded for a month when he damages Dad's lawn. Pete is forced to tunnel his way to freedom in order to celebrate his favorite holiday, The Fourth of July.

Field of Pete

Older Pete is on a winning baseball team for his first time. However, the coach, a drink called the Orange Lazarus, and younger Pete's trash talk are too high a price to pay and threaten to destroy baseball forever.

The Call

On the hottest day of the summer Wellsville obsesses over a telephone which has been ringing for years and years. Younger Pete decides to answer it while older Pete decides to figure out who the call is for.

Special star:

The Big Quiet

Younger Pete loses his pet lizard Gary and must deal with the loss while older Pete dreads a long car ride alone with Dad.

Time Tunnel

Younger Pete looks forward to being able to time travel back an hour at the end of daylight savings time. He plans to use this hour to exact revenge on Endless Mike Hellstrom. Meanwhile, older Pete enlists the help of Endless Mike for a date with Ellen.


Younger Pete wants to break the Halloween record for the most number of houses visited, but his friend Nona Mecklenberg cannot go with him because of The Pumpkin Eaters --- a group of vandals committed to outlawing Halloween. Older Pete is sick of Halloween and is recruited/pursued by The Pumpkin Eaters.

Special star:

Inspector 34

Younger Pete searches for Inspector 34 who always inspects his Kreb of the Loom briefs. The two become friends, and the whole town (including Inspector 34) learns a lesson about perfection.

Special star:

Farewell, My Little Viking

An episode in two parts. The International Adult Conspiracy and super villan John McFlemp puts pressure on Dad to get Artie, the Strongest Man in the World, out of town. Meanwhile, younger Pete stands up to super villan Paper Cut, but Paper Cut fights back.

Special star:


Younger Pete fakes food poisoning to stay home from school and goes so far as to actually leave the house.

Special stars:

Yellow Fever

Older Pete's class takes a trip on a yellow school bus driven by love-spurned Stu Benedict, and everyone gets to examine the deep recesses of their souls.

Special star:


Ellen puts forth the eternal questions of "Why?" to all of her teachers. The ensuing uprising (since the teachers cannot answer) causes panic in the teachers, especially after the students exhaust their supply of substitute teachers.

Special stars:

On Golden Pete

The family goes on a fishing trip. Dad is determined to catch a legendary bass named Bob so that he can stuff the fish and slap him onto a piece of wood. Older Pete is bothered by Dad's attitude and tries to thwart Dad's plans.

Special star:

Season Three

35 Hours

Mom and Dad leave the two Petes homelone for 35 hours. Younger Pete sells the house to the Krechmars, the nicest family in the universe.

Special star:

The Trouble with Teddy

Teddy's parents leave town, and older Pete asks him to stay over. Teddy's habits begin to annoy the whole family after a while. Meanwhile, younger Pete tries to get back to nature.

The Good, The Bad & The Lucky

Younger Pete tries to recharge his lucky two-headed penny to thrwart a rash of bad luck which includes a bully named Pit Stain.


The two Petes are at odds when Younger Pete tries to stop adult swim at the Wellsville pool while older Pete tries to earn his stripes as a lifeguard.

Dance Fever

In spite of his fear of making a fool of himself, younger Pete goes to his first dance. But instead of hitting the dance floor, he tries to make some money by showing off his gut juice. Meanwhile, Nona tries to avoid dancing with her father while older Pete tries to meet one of the members of the band.

Special stars:

Crisis in the Love Zone

Love fever strikes Welsville and strikes it hard. Younger Pete succumbs to the love-talk of Eunice Puell, the local postal carrier. Meanwhile, older Pete is smitten by a stuck-up tenis player.

Special star:

Last Laugh

Younger Pete is determined to pull off the biggest prank on April Fool's Day, and no principal is going to stop him.

Special star:


Younger Pete, Monica and Wayne are trapped in the school after it closes.

Special star:

Road Warrior

Older Pete and his friends take drivers ed from Mr. Slurm, the shop teacher.


Older Pete tries to get his varsity letter by joining the wrestling team.

On Christmas Pete

Younger Pete tries to hang onto Christmas past December 25th, but faces the evil intensions of a garbage man who delights in the disposal of Christmas trees and the Christmas spirit they represent.

Das Bus

For Career Week, older Pete becomes Stu Benedict's apprentice so that he can be near Penelope Ghiruto.

Special star:


Older Pete, Ellen, Monica, Stu, and Wayne experience a "typical" Saturday in Wellsville.