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Website FAQ

As the writer of this Web site, I get asked many questions, and I don't have the time to respond to all of the email immediately. It actually takes me a very long time to respond to email about Pete and Pete, usually because I have other things to do.

My address is at the end of this page, but please read over these questions for actually sending me email. I will be rather snippy if you ask one of these questions.

How can I get all of the episodes on tape or DVD?

The first season has been released on DVD; see the merchandizing page for more information. That page also has a list of videos that have been released containing episodes of Pete & Pete; the videos are very difficult to locate now, even if you bring in the ISBNs to your local video store.

I often get asked if I can make copies of the episodes I have on tape. This is illegal, so I cannot and will not. Some people have a hard time hearing this, so I'll repeat it: I will not under any circumstatnces make copies of anything. Buy the DVDs. Buy a DVD player to play them on.

Do you have any more information on this actor?

Nope. All of the information I have is in the Web site.

What is that piece of music in such-and-such an episode? Where can I get it?

Sorry, I don't know. While I like the music on Pete & Pete, I don't recognize most of it. So I'm relying on what other people tell me, and the music page reflects all that I know or have been told.

The most common request is for the song I call "Marmalade Cream". It sounds a bit like Led Zepplin or Moutain, but to my knowledge they didn't make it. I have not been able to find any other information about it.

Where can I get the theme song? When is Polaris going to release an album?

The theme song alone is available on a theme song cd from TeeVee Tunes; more importantly, Polaris has released an album. See the merchandizing page.

Just like video tape copies of the episodes, I cannot make copies of any audio products either.

I know the missing line to the theme song. I know different lyrics.

I got the lyrics to the theme song from a very trusted source (an actual member of Polaris) who got them directly from Mark Mulcahy. Since Mulcahy is the actual singer of the song, I'm trusting his knowledge of the lyrics.

The most popular "correction" I get is that the chorus is "Does you dog bite?" instead of "Don't you talk back". I got the lyrics from the singer, so if you think they're wrong, take it up with him.

As for the missing line of the theme song, there are various theories (see PeteShrine.com) and guesses, but I prefer to leave it unknown.

No, I really do know the missing line.

This is perhaps the most common email I get these days, and answering it only once doesn't seem to work. I do not care what the missing line is; I don't care what you guess is; I am not going to add your guess to my website.

I love this quote; could you add it to the Web site?

I used to maintain a list of quotes that people found interesting from the show. Due to time constraints, I've have discontinued that page.

Do you have the email or postoffice address for so-and-so?

Several people associated with Pete & Pete have contacted me via email. Some have allowed me to make their addresses public which you can find on the addresses page. I do not have the email address for anyone else associated with the show.

As for postoffice addresses, again check the addresses page. You should be able to contact any of the people involved with Pete & Pete by sending mail in care of Nickelodeon.

Wasn't Hunter S. Thompson in "New Year's Pete"?

Some Hunter Thompson was in that episode, but it wasn't the Hunter S. Thompson who wrote Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. Earlier versions of this website claimed it was the Hunter S. Thompson; many Pete & Pete fans emailed me to correct this mistake. Thanks to all of you who emailed a correction, and sorry for the confusion.

Okay, so what is your email address?

I am a busy person, and this Web site is only something I'm doing for fun. I don't have the time (or ability or inclination) to go searching for more information or for scanning new pictures or for sampling sounds. (I am, of course, willing to accept any and all of these things.) Check one of the other Pete & Pete Web sites, or look for the information yourself. I'd be glad to put the information up here for everyone else to enjoy and give you credit for the work you put into it.

So, finally, if you have a question I haven't addressed on this Web site or if you have information to give me, then send me email at <jdfrens@gmail.com>.

I will warn you: it may take me several months to get back to you. And if you've asked a question already on this list, you'll never hear back from me.