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Pete & Pete's Wellsville

Considering the inconsistencies, perhaps Wellsville is in the same state as Springfield in The Simpsons. However, it's interesting to contemplate the possibilities...

Actual Location

The show was actually taped in Northern New Jersey. In 1993, "Wellsville" was really Leonia, NJ (for the school scenes) and South Orange, NJ (for neighborhood and house scenes). In 1994, it was South Orange, NJ. (At one time this house was up for sale.) For the third season, "Wellsville" was Cranford, NJ. (Rumor has it that mess made in the episode "Halloweenie" caused the residents of South Orange to rid themselves of the show.) Pete and Ellen's high school is Bayonne High School in Northern New Jersey.

Realworld Wellsvilles

This is a list of realworld Wellsvilles.