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Special Guest Stars

These are the notable guest stars who have appeared in the show, listed in alphabetical order.

Selma Blair IMDb entry
Selma Blair plays older Pete's infatuation Penelope Ghiruto in "Das Bus". Blair has been in several movies.
Steve Buscemi IMDb entry
Steve Buscemi plays the part of Ellen's father in "Apocalypse Pete" and "Space, Geeks, and Johnny Unitas". In "X=Why?" we learn that Mr. Hickle is the high school guidance counselor. Buscemi has had a wide range of roles in the movies from Miller's Crossing and Reservoir Dogs to Airheads and Billy Madison.
Ellen Cleghorn IMDb entry
Ellen Cleghorn is Stu Benedict's off-and-on girlfriend. She appears in "Day of the Dot" and "Yellow Fever". Stu makes several references to her in various episodes. She was a cast member of Saturday Night Live in the 1990s.
LL Cool J IMDb entry
LL Cool J plays the part of younger Pete's teacher in "Sickday". LL started as a rapper, but has now turned to acting.
Marshall Crenshaw IMDb entry
Marshall Crenshaw appears as the meter man who also helps younger Pete find his favorite song in "Hard Day's Pete". Crenshaw is a solo artist playing some cross between country and rock. He also appeared as Buddy Holly in La Bamba.
Art Donovan IMDb entry
While searching for the connection between Johnny Unitas and The Universe in Space, Geeks, and Johnny Unitas", older Pete talks to Art Donavan who played football with Unitas.
Martin Donovan IMDb entry
Martin Donovan plays the part of a crossing guard who conveys messages between older Pete and Ellen during The Great Prank War in "Apocolypse Pete". Donovan has also appeared in several movies, including several by Hal Hartley which also included Damian Young (a.k.a. Stu Benedict). It looks like there's a Hal Hartley conspiracy.
Richard Edson IMDb entry
Richard Edson was the janitor in "Valetine's Day Massacre". Edson has been in many movies (see IMDB link), but his first claim to fame was as Sonic Youth's first drummer.
Chris Elliott IMDb entry
Chris Elliott is a psychic meterman in "Sickday". Elliott worked on Late Night with David Letterman. He starred in his own short-lived tv show Get a Life. He has also appeared in The Abyss and his own movie Cabin Boy.
Gordon Gano IMDb entry
Gordon Gano plays the part of a teacher at older Pete and Ellen's highschool in "X=Why?". Gano is singer and guitar player for the Violent Femmes.
Janeane Garofalo IMDb entry
Janeane Garofalo is an English teacher at older Pete and Ellen's highschol in "X=Why?". Garofalo was a leading cast member of ill-fated The Ben Stiller Show, a supporting actor on The Larry Sanders Show, and a member of Saturday Night Live. She has also done stand up commedy and has appeared in a variety of movies.
Frank Gifford IMDb entry
Frank Gifford shows up at Dad's driving range to hit some golf balls in "Rangeboy". Usually, Gifford commentates on football on NBC during Sunday Night Football.
Debbie Harry IMDb entry
Debbie Harry is a neighbor of the Wriggley's. The brothers Pete try to talk her into having her yard swept for land mines. Harry was the lead singer for Blondie. Now she does solo work as well as playing with The Jazz Passangers.
Juliana Hatfield IMDb entry
Juliana Hatfield shows up in one episode as a cafeteria worker at older Pete's school in "Don't Tread on Pete". Hatfield used to play bass in a band called Blake Babies. She was in the Lemonheads for a while. She has also put out an album on her own as well as with the Juliana Hatfield Three.
Patty Hearst IMDb entry
Patty Hearst plays the part of the mom of the family that buys the Wrigley's home in "35 Hours". She has appeared in two films by John Waters: Cry-Baby and Serial Mom.
William Hickey IMDb entry
William Hickey plays Dad's dad in "When Pete's Collide". It is now a requirement that Hickey play a cranky old man on every show in production.
David Johansen IMDb entry
David Johansen plays the part of a law enforcement official determined to bust Dad's chops in "On Golden Pete". Johansen used to sing as Buster Poindexter, and before that was a member of the New York Dolls.
Lucious Jackson IMDb entry
Lucious Jackson is the stage band in "Dance Fever", playing for younger Pete's first dance. The music heard at the dance in this episode is their standard fare.
Ann Magnuson IMDb entry
Ann Magnuson is the postal carrier in "Crisis in the Love Zone" who unwittingly causes younger Pete to fall in love with her. Magnuson used to sing for Bongwater and has recently put out a solo album. She has also appeared in movies like Clear and Present Danger and Cabin Boy.
Heather Matarazzo IMDb entry
Heather Matarazzo plays a neighborhood kid in Nightcrawlers. Matarazzo has found success in both tv and in feature films.
John McLaughlin IMDb entry
John McLaughlin shows up as himself to support older Pete's bid for the family bowling ball in "When Petes Collide". McLaughlin has his own political commentary show The McLaughlin Group which airs weekly on your local PBS station (check local listings).
Miracle Legion
Miracle Legion is the annonymous band that plays younger Pete's favorite song in the garage in "Hard Day's Pete". They have also contributed heavily to the music in other episodes, as well as providing the people behind Polaris who play the theme song for the show. Check out the Music of Pete & Pete Page for more information.
Bebe Neuwirth IMDb entry
Bebe Neuwirth played the part of a mail carrier in "The Call" and "Sickday". Neuwirth appeared on Cheers as Frasier's wife Lilith; she occationally showed up on Frasier reprising this role. Neuwirth is also an accomplished Broadway actress.
Larisa Oleynik IMDb entry
Larisa Oleynik plays a nurse in "Dance Fever". She was the title character of The Secret World of Alex Mac. She has now worked in a couple movies and in 3rd Rock from the Sun.
Kate Pierson IMDb entry
Kate Pierson plays the part of a mysterious, blind millionare who knows Mr. Tastee in "What We Did on Our Summer Vacation". In real life, Pierson is part of the B52s.
Iggy Pop IMDb entry
In a couple of episodes, Iggy Pop plays the part of Nona's father, James Mecklenberg. Iggy is a hip, old rock'n'roll star.
Suzzy Roche IMDb entry
Suzy Roche is Inspector 34's traffic cop love interest in "Inspector 34". In real life, Roche is a member of The Roches, a vocal singing group which has been around since the late 70s.
Sarah Shannon
Shannon plays the part of the grocery clerk who smuggles younger Pete an outdated tapioca pudding label in "Sickday". Shannon is the vocalist for Velocity Girl. Rumor has it that Sarah agreed to be on the show only if the name tag worn by the employee had her name on it; unfortunately, it's nearly impossible to tell what the name tag says. Explore the Subpop Web site for more information about the band.
Michael Stipe IMDb entry
Michael Stipe shows up in one episode as a crusty fisherman selling ice cream cones in "What We Did on Our Summer Vacation". Normally, Stipe is the front man for R.E.M., a popular alternative band.
Syd Straw IMDb entry
Syd Straw appears as a math teacher in "Space, Geeks, and Johnny Unitas", "Valentine Day's Massacre", "Hard Day's Pete", and "X=Why?". Straw is actually a solo artist and has performed with the Golden Palominos. At least one of her songs was used in an episode of Pete & Pete.
Adam West IMDb entry
Adam West is Kent Schwinger, the principal of younger Pete's junior high school in "Last Laugh" and "Allnighter". Best know for his portrayal of Bruce Wayne and his alter-ego Batman in the 60s, West has done many other movies as well.