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The DVD Giveaway was a success. (I don't know how it couldn't be!) I received just over 30 entries, and I picked two winners in the middle of June: T.J. Schuck of Wilmington, DE, and Ryan Harrington of Santa Barbara, CA.

I have not heard anything about a giveaway for the second season DVDs, but if I do, I will update this page, and I will make announcements on the Pete & Pete mailing lists.

Disclaimer: as noted on the footer of each of these pages, I am just a fan who put this website together. I feel it worthwhile, though, on this page to reiterate that I am not affiliated with Nickelodeon, Wellsville Productions, or anything else associated with Pete & Pete. The DVDs are courtesy of Deep Focus, but otherwise have nothing to do with this website or the contest itself.