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Day of the Dot

by Raymond Marateo

What I find most appealing about this episode and the series in general is the fact that the theme of the underdog overcoming unfavorable odds is always present. Whether it is the younger or older Pete they both are faced with a dilemma and always seem to surmount it. But ultimately, what makes the series so appealing is that in the process of overcoming these conflicts, they have learned something about themselves in the process. For example in the episode "Day of the Dot", Pete in the end does lead the band to a "Wellsville Championship", but the real accomplishment is the fact that in the process Pete stood up to a bully, discovered his need for more than a friendship from Ellen, and learned authority figures,like Mr. Markel, aren't always right.

What makes Pete & Pete an exceptional series is the way it communicates to all of us. We all can sympathize with their problems. Overcoming bulling of any sort whether in a peer or authority figure is a major accomplishment, while dicovering love in plutonic relationships can be one of the hardest things to do.

Pete and his little brother Pete are all of us. They face all our problems, and we learn from these problems.That is the show's appeal.