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Analysis from Paul Osebold

There are several things I'd like to point out about Pete & Pete

First, the old theme of "students vs. teachers" is apparent. A good example is Younger Pete vs. Principle Schwinger. However, sometimes it's "students vs. students." Examples include Younger Pete vs. Johnny Earwax (as well as the other Up with Personal Hygiene Singers) and Pitstain.

Monica and Wayne are two of my favorite characters. They may have their conflicts, but I'm sure that some people can identify with Wayne; he's a nonviolent individual trying to fit in with the others. Monica's antics are often funny, as she's always trying to earn her merit badges (from Ethnic Dance to Cafeteria Lady). Sometimes, these two can get along. Wayne danced next to Monika on "Dance Fever" and they shared pizza with the others on "Saturday". When Principle Schwinger locked Younger Pete, Wayne and Monica in the school, they shared some friendships together.