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Analysis from Kendal Myka Obermeyer

The first Pete & Pete I ever saw (and fortunately taped) was "What We Did On Our Summer Vacation". I was immediately sold. Hooked. You know...I Saw The Light. Some years later, I still have that episode on tape, half worn-out, and watch it reverently from time to time with that special contempt reserved for viewings of Sacred Audiovisual Material. The contempt is for those with so little soul as to speak during the Viewing. However, they are beyond my help.

Pete and Pete...what an odd little show. If one is of an analytical or academic turn of mind, or if one just plain needs less mental free time, one can analyze this show to death and pick at one of the numerous strata to his/her heart's content.

Let us begin with the title: Pete and Pete. Two brothers with fiery hair and the same name. Significant or absurd, or both? It would be infinitely more disturbing if they looked and/or acted like twins. Or stupid. But both Petes can hold their own against all of Wellsville's bad guys, notwithstanding a bit of healthy blundering. Pete and Pete show us two types of Kids. Wellsville is teeming with Kids. All kinds of Kids. Suburbian kids who will grow up to be suburbian adults. Then there are the exceptions: Pete, Pete, and Ellen (for this particular episode, we'll confine it to them). I call them the Kids of Incredible Potential. When tracking Mr. Tastee, it is Ellen who manages to pinpoint his location to a stretch of interstate highway... I think a ten-mile stretch. And how does she do it? Ah, with trigonometry and a calculator, of course.