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It's a Pete & Pete World

by Don Caballero

From the opening credits, the strange fractions of scenes that flash by foreshadow the shows unreal and uncanny situations, all while a groovy tune is being hammered out by Polaris. Playing on the front lawn of the Wrigley's estate, the band has a energy that also can be found within the rest of the programs thirty minutes. However, behind all of these abstract adventures, almost always a moral can found. This is what strikes me as one of the most amazing aspects of the show; by going beyond the borders of reality, the writers can emphasize important lessons more realistically. When reality is stretched a little, the adventure resembles more of a tall tale, but that is what The Adventures of Pete and Pete is; a modern fable. Anyhow, any kid I know would tell me that Pete & Pete was much more intriguing than a "Tortoise and the Hare."

A description of The Adventures of Pete and Pete might baffle those not familiar with this little show. Within this surreal and exaggerated world, a bowling balls attacks a man's jugular, a mischievous boy freeze-dries Cuba, and a girl becomes a dot. Riboflavin becomes essential to time travel, a woman has spatulas attracted to the magnetized metal plate in her head, and all products suspiciously are made by a company called Krebstar. This is all normal, however, to the inhabitants of the town of Wellsville, a sometimes chaotic corner of suburbia.

The Wrigley's are only a small part of the wide spectrum of bizarre and goofy characters that encompasses the town of Wellsville. Former suburbanites included the strongest man in the world, Artie, and an anonymous ice cream man known as Mr. Tastee. Evil takes on many forms, including a grinch that takes away the garbage, an almost demonic Endless Mike, and a bully named Pitstain. Some well known actors have popped up on Pete & Pete, even the singer of R.E.M. has made a cameo on the show.

When you take a deep look at the show, it is obvious why so many people have said what a wonderful example of television that it is. It provides an imaginary wonderland that is humorously twisted and full of absurd premises. But that does not detract from its other dimensions, which include real morals and studies of human character. This program can be enjoyed by anyone that gets cable and has a sense of humor. Each episode ends with a tune that represents its realization of good music and sets the mood as you go away satisfied by another silly episode.