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by Aaron Friederichs

Since "Halloweenie" was such a quality episode of The Adventures of Pete and Pete, I felt it deserved some intricate study. It displays wonderful universality when it comes to an American Halloween. It shows the two main emotions felt around the holiday: excitement (little Pete's quest for glory) and fear (older Pete's fear of being unmasked). The episode contained high points of both suspense and humor. It also contained a great musical score.

Note: I spell the Pumpkin Eaters the Pumpkin "Eters", because that's how they spell it on a car windshield in the episode.


The episode itself is divided into two main acts. The first being the preperation of Halloween, and the second being Halloween itself. There are also two basic plots to the episode.

The first plot: Wellsville has a problem. Every year trick-or-treaters are terrorized by the Pumpkin Eters, a group of four teenagers hell-bent on destroying Halloween. If they aren't stopped, this will be Wellsville's last Halloween.

The second plot: little Pete dreams of breaking the record of trick-or-treating to 374 houses in one night. The two plots tie together when Older Pete decides to help little Pete by going trick-or-treating with him, at the risk of being destroyed by the Pumpkin Eters.

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How to tell the Pumpkin Eters apart:

Pumpkin Eter 1: The leader of the Pumpkin Eters, Endless Mike. Has one eye in the center, and a grinning, sharp-teethed mouth. Wants to destroy the biggest Halloweenie of them all, older Pete Wrigley.

Pumpkin Eter 2: identity unknown. Has a frowning mouth with no teeth, and two triangle eyes. Licked his pumpkin head once.

Pumpkin Eter 3: identity unknown. Has two crescent shaped eyes and sharp teeth. Thinks his pumpkinhead smells like tangerines.

Pumpkin Eter 4: identity unknown. The only Pumpkin Eter with horns.

Well, that about wraps it up. I had to watch this episode about 30 times to catch everything, and I'm still not sure this really is everything. If you find something else, let me know.